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Bobby Morrow’s
Lifestyle Fitness
American Council On Exercise (ACE)
Certified Personal Trainer, CES, TMR-1 (pain-relief) Specialist

Packages and Fees Sheet

(1)Okay, I am REALLY serious now..package :
             This package includes: 24-sessions= 2 TIMES A WEEK FOR 3 MONTHS!!...$840.00
(2)Someone to watch over me package:
       This package includes: 18-Sessions=2 TIMES A WEEK FOR 2 MONTHS...$675.00
(3) Work with me until I am comfortable enough to fly solo package:
         This package includes: 8-Sessions= 2 TIMES A WEEK FOR 1 MONTH...$346.00
(4)Just Teach Me The Basic Plan and I can take it from there Package:
This package includes:  4 consecutive sessions each building on previous ones...$160.00 
(5)Individual Training Sessions......$45 per hour 
(6)TMR Pain Relief Session...$50
(7)Assessments: Personal Training: $45
(8)Corrective Exercise/Pain-Relief Assessments: $50
(9)Program Design: Strength/Cardio/Nutrition (The Written Program only)….$50
(10)          Consultation (55 minutes): Discuss/answer basic fitness/health questions & challenges....$45

***Packages (1) through (4) include:
**fitness assessments and goal-planning (1 Session), and
A “Personalized workout program” (including strength, cardio, nutritional guidance)
Plus:  One-On-One Personal Training Sessions (within package limits)  

For scheduling information contact BobbyM at:  (336)425-9755
(Bobby is an independent contractor, and his prices reflect over 11 years experience plus advanced fitness, corrective exercise, and pain-relief education, in order to provide you with the latest, most effective and safe individualized program. All packages to be paid in advanceCash and checks accepted.)