Monday, September 14, 2009

Nutrition Tips

I hope you are making progress toward your health and fitness goals. Very often, even though you are doing everything "perfectly", you will hit strength or weight-loss plateaus. The tips below may help you get you "un-stuck", on the weight-loss side.

  1. Try eating 5 or 6 walnuts about 30 minutes before a regular meal. The protein, carbs, and good fats will help you to feel more satisfied and fuller sooner when you do eat your meal.

  2. Allow yourself to resign from the "clean plate club" more slowly, and stop eating when you begin feeling full...whether the plate is empty or not. Soon you will start making smaller portion choices, and become more aware of fullness as it happens.

  3. Try "automating" one or two of your meals each day. This will help keep you on track and make the whole process simpler. In other words create several "standard" meal plans for one or two regular meals by taking the time to figure out what is needed for your desired results, including the serving sizes, calories, proteins, carbs, and fats. I also recommend you use these "automated" meal plans for the meals that you have the least time to prepare (or think about), like breakfast and lunch. Then allow yourself more flexibility in the third meal for variety and enjoyment. This process will help you just "plug in" a meal plan rather than getting frustrated trying to do all your calculations, etc. under the guns.

  4. At least in the beginning, set a meal and snack schedule and try your best to stick with it (again, the occasional use of the "compass" is okay). The schedule will help you remember to take in the "building blocks" and "fuel" even thought you don't "feel hungry".

  5. Your metabolism (your fat burning engine) starts cranking up for the day the moment you begin eating (this is why skipping breakfast is not in your best interest)...try having your breakfast first thing, then get ready for your day.

  6. Feeling hungry? Try a glass of water first. The thirst alert and hunger alert signals for both come from the exact same part of the brain...sometimes we think we are hungry, when in fact we're just thirsty.

  7. Choose your fuel wisely...check food labels (mainly on prepared foods) for, the ingredient "high fructose corn syrup" or HFCS...this is a very high calorie sweetener that the body does not recognize and will not give you sensations of fullness or satisfaction, thus you tend to eat much more of that food than you really need. Try to choose fuel options without this ingredient for better health and...looser pants!

  8. And most importantly...remember that you are human, and life happens! If you make fuel choices you later regret, don't beat yourself up...give yourself credit for recognizing a choice you might make different if you had it to do over...then make that choice next time!

Hang in there, it's all about the process really. Learning to make choices that take us closer to our goals, rather than farther away...and making more of those over time. The condition you're wanting to change didn't happen overnight...and though it will not go away WILL continue to move in that direction, until you reach a place where you are happy with how you look and feel!

Here's another little secret:

Try thinking of your health, fitness, and weight-loss plan more like a "compass" rather than a "map". A compass will keep you moving in the direction you desire, but allows for "hills", "trees", and "streams" that appear in your move around those "apparent" obstacles, get back on course, then continue on your way!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

There is no better time than now to have a FUEL EFFICIENT "VEHICLE"!

In today's economy, a lot of folks seem to be really focused on obtaining the most fuel efficient automobile possible, to help get through the current economic rough spots...and yet many still are ignoring taking care of the most dependable, fuel-efficient vehicle ever developed...their body!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Often Missed "Secret" Benefit Of A Balanced And Consistent Exercise Plan...

When I sit down with new clients to discuss their health and fitness desires, needs, and challenges we usually focus on things like "losing a few (or a lot of) pounds", "toning up", "more endurance", "stress relief", "controlling or eliminating health issues", etc. And of course each and every one of those goals are highly desirable, and achievable...usually within a matter of months!

However, there is a "Secret Benefit", from a well thought out fitness program, that is usually reported within just a few short weeks of beginning. Time after time I have clients excitedly come to me, very early on, to tell me how much younger and more alive they are starting to feel, and that's not all...friends and relatives are already asking what they are doing to look so much younger! Those "symptoms" are actually cues I confidently tell my clients to start looking for after just a few weeks... even before they actually begin to "tone up", or lose their first few pounds!

The "Secret" to looking and feeling younger is not in a pill, a jar, or even a trip to the plastic's in a professionally designed and consistently implemented, personalized health and fitness program.

Now that you know "The Secret"... won't you join the rest of us in feeling and looking younger?

Look younger...get fit!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Body Fat has gotten a bad rap...Your body is just trying to help!

Do you find yourself carrying around more body fat than you'd like? Then most likely, somewhere along the way, you taught your body to do that! (and that's okay did it blame-games here!)

Chances are you began teaching your body to store body fat (IT'S JUST FUEL) for one of two very common reasons:

(1) You began taking in much more calories than your body needed (usually combined with a decrease in physical activity) it just figured you must want the extra stored for later.
(2) You began skipping one or more meals each day (and most folks that skip, will skip the most important meal...breakfast) trying to help, your body made you really hungry (even created cravings) so the next time you ate you would overload on high calorie foods that it could use to feed you now...and store up enough to feed you during those times that you were skipping!

Of course you probably didn't do any of that on purpose ("hectic lifestyle, school, work, kids, no time left, no energy left" name it, I've heard it), but never the less YOU ordered it done! And your body, being the loyal servant that it is...tried to help (and, if you are carrying "too much body fat", it succeeded)! The good (great) news is YOU CAN UNDO IT...AND YOUR BODY WILL HELP YOU WITH THAT ALSO!!

Keep checking in, soon I'll be laying out a plan for you, and your body, to reverse this whole process!!

Take charge of your body...get fit!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Body Fat is your friend...STOP FIGHTING WITH IT!!!

Keep watching for my latest insights into how you got yourself to where you are, and how you actually can turn yourself into a "fat-burning machine"! already are!

Friday, June 26, 2009


"There is no 'try'. There is either 'do'...or 'do not'!" Yoda

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BobbyM's "Secret Workout Plan" for Health and Fitness...






(but if you need a plan, and some guidance getting started, or just some questions answered... feel free to email or call)

Get moving...get fit!

Monday, June 22, 2009

BobbyM's Fitness Rule of Thumb #1

At the gym, I always tell my clients (and anyone else that will listen) to pay attention to how their body feels. They should always feel better (healthier, more energized, younger, more positive, and more alive) when they go out our doors, than when they came in!!

If they feel worse (tired, listless, beat-up, dragging, or even sick) when they go out...then they've probably worked way too hard, or have failed to fuel their body properly (or a combination of the two). If this happens often for you, talk to your Fitness and/or your Health Care Professional right away to help get you back on track, and avoid serious health issues.

Feel better...get fit!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

You don't have to be "rich" or "famous" to work with a Personal Trainer...

When you see a Personal Trainer on TV working with (and getting paid by) the same person 2-3 times a week, month after month, you are not really seeing the whole picture!

The real benefit of having a Personal Trainer in the beginning, is to get you started on the "right foot". Someone who will listen to you about your goals and concerns then guide you, and encourage you to set healthy realistic goals that you can follow through on.

A well trained, and experienced, Professional Personal Trainer will also take the time to find out where you are starting from (where you are physically right now), by using a set of assessments that will provide you (and your trainer) with a base-line (or starting point), from which you both can measure your progress over time, as well as check for health issues that may have gone unnoticed.

Your Trainer will then take that information and design a fitness program that is designed specifically for you, including Strength Training, Cardiovascular Training, and Nutritional Tips, Recommendations and you all the basic ingredients you'll need for success.

Once your program is designed, your Trainer will begin "teaching" you the basic program, setting up and properly using the equipment, putting it all together in a safe and effective way. Before you know it, you will be ready to strike out on your own. Your trainer will encourage you to "fly solo" for a few workouts, then get back together to see how you're doing, answer questions, chart your progress, and readjust or upgrade your training as you progress toward you goals.

From assessments to completing the "training" portion of the process (where you, and your Trainer feel comfortable you can work or your own for a while) can take anywhere from 4-12 one-hour sessions. You will most likely invest less money in a great health and fitness program than you would in having your washing machine repaired, your computer de-bugged, or your car tuned up! What a great value!!

Depending on your location, one-hour Training sessions can run as little as $25 per hour, up to as much as $175 per hour. Most Trainers and facilities have payment options such as bank-draft, credit card, or pay-as-you-go plans available.

Really, in any economy, an investment in your current (and future) health and fitness is absolutely priceless!

You're worth it...get fit!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BobbyM Fit-Tip

DON'T EAT WHEN YOU'RE HUNGRY!! (has he lost his mind?)

What I mean by that is that it's important to eat 3-healthy/balanced meals per day, plus 2-3 healthy/balanced that you won't find your feeling hungry (you know, that "starving" feeling you have mid-day, after you skipped breakfast?)!

If you wait to eat until you are already feeling quite hungry, your body will actually try to "tempt" you into eating more high-calorie foods than you actually need ("boy, those fries really sound good...maybe just a tiny piece of cake, etc."), so it can store those extra calories (as fat). And where will your body store that extra? That's the very place you don't want it!

Your body is actually trying to help...but that kind of help you just don't need!

Eat Healthy...Get Fit! Bobby M

Is there anything worse than NOT exercising?

Yes, trying to do it all on your own!! Of course it's good to just get moving...but if you're desiring more than that (if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, health/structural challenges, or simply new to the world of health and fitness), getting some guidance is an absolute must! Without it you probably will spend many weeks or months working at levels you consider very hard...only to find nothing has changed, or you actually feel worse than when you started! I consider my time valuable, and you should too! Don't waste energy, weeks or even months of your time, only to find yourself right where you started (or worse... less healthy, or even injured).

Take time to do your research before you start...and best yet, if your budget allows (an investment now, will save you time and money down the road), seek out a qualified fitness professional in your area to help you get started out right!

Check back in a few days and I will give you a list of things to look for and questions to ask, when choosing a Fitness Professional to guide you on your journey to your Health and Fitness Goals.

Get some guidance...get fit!

Bobby M's Fitness Philosophy

I believe that people fail to reach their health and fitness goals because of one or more common reasons, either:

  1. They fail to be specific about their goals.
  2. They expect results too quickly, and give up way too soon.
  3. They really don't have a plan.
  4. They either exercise too little or too much, too hard or too easy.
  5. They don't do specific exercises needed to accomplish their specific goals: They are either doing exercises they don't need...or are not doing exercises they do need.
  6. They are doing the exercises they need to do, but aren't doing them properly: bad form, incorrect number of repetitions and/or sets, too much or too little weight, and/or improper cardio exercise intensity and/or duration.
  7. They are eating the wrong foods, eating too much, or...eating too little.
  8. They lack commitment.
  9. Or combinations of all of the above.

If you will come to me with the commitment...I can help you with all the rest!! Bobby M

Monday, June 15, 2009

People in Business (article June 15, 2009)


Bobby Morrow, ACE Certified Personal Trainer for The Forum Fitness Center in Lexington, N.C. just completed the American Council on Exercise two day live interactive workshop "Personal Training in Practice" in Chapel Hill, N.C., June 13th and 14th.

The focus of the workshop was to enhance Morrow's current certifications and experience in areas of Cardiovascular Training (for general good health, endurance, and weight loss), Strength Training (for total body strength including core, flexibility, balance, muscle toning and definition), as well as Metabolic Issues (the bodies' demands, requirements, and usage of balanced nutrition for fuel and building well as maintain a healthy body weight and lean-to-fat ratio). The workshop introduced the very latest health and fitness research and recommendations in a hands' on, interactive format.

Morrow has become sought after as the trainer to see (even by his peers) when you have health or body issues and challenges, beyond just losing weight. Since Morrow was first certified, four years ago, he has helped nearly 1,000 people age 13 to 89 years, with health and fitness challenges including obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, low back problems, knee and hip problems and replacements, all sorts of structural issues, as well as a "shopping list" of post-rehabilitation challenges, to become stronger, healthier, and more fit. Morrow says: "I have yet to meet anyone that couldn't get stronger, healthier, or thinner, if they were willing to make a commitment to themselves to make it happen."

Morrow admits that "almost everyone is a little intimidated by the gym/fitness center environment, at least in the beginning. You will never hear me tell a client "no pain, no gain"'s really about slowly, consistently, and intelligently adding small achievable challenges designed to develop healthy changes over a sensible and realistic period of time. My job is to design safe, effective, and efficient health and fitness programs that are specific to each clients' individual needs, starting place, challenges, and time restraints. I actually teach them how to do the process safely and properly, supporting them until they are confident enough to do it for themselves...then, over time, they use me as needed for the occasional "tune-up", boost them up and over a plateau, or just give them an old fashioned "kick in the butt"."

"I love what I do" Morrow says, "when you see the positive changes that can take place in peoples' lives...who wouldn't?"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

BobbyM Fit-Tip

Getting Healthy and Fit is not about making major/painful changes in your's totally all about making small changes consistently in a few areas of your life...that you can live with for the long haul!

Get in it for the long haul...Get Fit!!