Sunday, March 14, 2010


Anybody remember Newton's First Law?

Newton's First Law (Law of Inertia)(Let's restate Newton's first law in everyday terms:)

"An object at rest will stay at rest, forever, as long as nothing pushes or pulls on it. An object in motion will stay in motion, traveling in a straight line, forever, until something pushes or pulls on it."

Okay, remember it now?  So what does Newton have to do with Fitness? Well, if you think about it, "bodies" are very "energy efficient" (some folks would say lazy...),and will tend to do only that which is "comfortable" to do (the 'comfortable' part comes from "inertia').   But the reality is, they will tend to continue to do what we have taught them to do.  You know, sitting on the couch, crunching down a bag of chips or whatever's left in that half-gallon of ice cream.  That is the "stay at rest" part of inertia.

The GREAT NEWS is...that once you decide to start moving again, even just a little bit, you will begin to overcome the "at rest" portion of inertia and begin moving in the direction of the "stay in motion" side, where it becomes easier and easier (more 'comfortable') to stay in motion!  Soon you will find it difficult not to be moving...and 'you know what?...your body will be just as happy (if not more so) moving, as it was at rest!  And YOU will feel so much stronger, energetic, heathy, as well as physically AND emotionally charged and self-assured, it will carry over into every area of your life!

So, get move'n...(don't make me come over there)! Ha!


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