Friday, April 16, 2010


No matter who you are, if you currently do not have exactly what you want in your life (and that includes the "ideal" body, level of Fitness, and/or Healthy LifeStyle)...there is a really strong chance you have a "voice" (or a bucket-load of them) in your head telling you that you "can't"! (Sound familiar?)

Until you can quiet that "voice" you will be fighting an up-hill battle to reach your goals.

I have found a tool that works for me (and hundreds of thousands of other folks from all walks of life), and is so simple it has taken me 2 years to master (smile)!  The tool is called "The Sedona Method" I have completed the Coach Level-1 and Coach Level-2 Training for this process (including 36 days of on-site seminars, training, and partner work), and have qualified to facilitate the use of the process with others.

In a nut-shell, "The Sedona Method" is a simple process that you can use in real-life, real-time, situations to "let go" of unwanted feelings or emotions that appear to be tied to certain events or situations in our lives and seem to cause discomfort or suffering in us.  

So many times we struggle and fight with issues thinking it will keep them at arms length, when in reality all that struggling is just a way of embracing them!  We think that fighting with them will solve the "problem" and make it go away ("how's that work'n for ya'" Dr. Phil)...however, all that fighting is actually what keeps it attached to us!

"The Sedona Method" will teach you several "tools" to use to simply "let go" of those unwanted feelings and emotions in the moment, so that if you still need to move to action (because it doesn't mean you have to live with situations that are not mutually beneficial), you will be acting from a much stronger, less re-active, and more Loving (for yourself and others) place.

This is something that many folks are able to do for themselves, either just by watching an Introductory DVD (that you can borrow from me, no charge...or get online just by paying the $5 shipping)...go online at the link below and if it strikes a chord with you, order the book or courses for home-study...or allow me to help you get started, or move beyond the occasional "sticky-place". (I do get some discounts on products, so going through me could save you some money...if that's a perceived issue.)

So, if there are issues in your life that just keep hanging around and sometimes dragging you the very least check out the website and see what you think. (Hale Dowskin is the author and is a hoot to watch!)

So....LET IT GO!!!

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