Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who's in charge of YOUR Health Care Reform?

Okay, I've finally heard enough whining about "health care reform"!

I know most every one of you have heard at one time or another that 70%-75% of ALL Americans are either overweight or obese!  AND that being overweight or obese dramatically increases your risks for having or getting health concerns like Heart Disease, Stroke, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, many forms of Cancer, structural (orthopedic)  issues like hip and knee problems,  makes you more vulnerable to allergies, the common cold, sleep issues including sleep apnea, clogged arteries, osteoarthritis, gall bladder disease, and numerous other "every day" aches, pains, and problems!

Obviously ("if common sense really was common, we wouldn't have so much dumb stuff to deal with!"), it still has not sunk in that if you reduce the "cause" of so much of our health care overloads (being overweight or obese), you could also reduce the cost of such expensive health care personally and globally!
I realize that there are always going to be health issues to deal with in our lives, that's part of life; and having adequate coverage to help when we have accidents, or health issues stemming from our family history, etc. is of course something we should have.  But to overload the Health Care System with problems that are within our power to eliminate or at least reduce, is the ultimate in a lack of Personal Responsibility!

Sure, breaking those old (deadly) habits can be challenging...but so is having a heart attack, a stroke, or living with all the other problems that come with NOT choosing to change!

I've been there!

If you are finally ready to make some real changes in your life
but don't know what to do or where to even start...get a book,
google "get healthy", talk to a friend or relative who is already
doing what you want to accomplish, find a Personal Trainer to help you figure it
all out...you will probably be totally surprised at how inexpensive it is to do it right 
from the beginning (probably less than you currently spend on ONE months' Health Insurance Premiums!)
However you decide to do it...GET OFF YOUR BUTT, START MOVING AND
You will be totally amazed at how much better you feel physically, AND emotionally, by
taking charge of such an important aspect of your life!

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