Monday, July 20, 2009

Often Missed "Secret" Benefit Of A Balanced And Consistent Exercise Plan...

When I sit down with new clients to discuss their health and fitness desires, needs, and challenges we usually focus on things like "losing a few (or a lot of) pounds", "toning up", "more endurance", "stress relief", "controlling or eliminating health issues", etc. And of course each and every one of those goals are highly desirable, and achievable...usually within a matter of months!

However, there is a "Secret Benefit", from a well thought out fitness program, that is usually reported within just a few short weeks of beginning. Time after time I have clients excitedly come to me, very early on, to tell me how much younger and more alive they are starting to feel, and that's not all...friends and relatives are already asking what they are doing to look so much younger! Those "symptoms" are actually cues I confidently tell my clients to start looking for after just a few weeks... even before they actually begin to "tone up", or lose their first few pounds!

The "Secret" to looking and feeling younger is not in a pill, a jar, or even a trip to the plastic's in a professionally designed and consistently implemented, personalized health and fitness program.

Now that you know "The Secret"... won't you join the rest of us in feeling and looking younger?

Look younger...get fit!

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