Sunday, July 5, 2009

Body Fat has gotten a bad rap...Your body is just trying to help!

Do you find yourself carrying around more body fat than you'd like? Then most likely, somewhere along the way, you taught your body to do that! (and that's okay did it blame-games here!)

Chances are you began teaching your body to store body fat (IT'S JUST FUEL) for one of two very common reasons:

(1) You began taking in much more calories than your body needed (usually combined with a decrease in physical activity) it just figured you must want the extra stored for later.
(2) You began skipping one or more meals each day (and most folks that skip, will skip the most important meal...breakfast) trying to help, your body made you really hungry (even created cravings) so the next time you ate you would overload on high calorie foods that it could use to feed you now...and store up enough to feed you during those times that you were skipping!

Of course you probably didn't do any of that on purpose ("hectic lifestyle, school, work, kids, no time left, no energy left" name it, I've heard it), but never the less YOU ordered it done! And your body, being the loyal servant that it is...tried to help (and, if you are carrying "too much body fat", it succeeded)! The good (great) news is YOU CAN UNDO IT...AND YOUR BODY WILL HELP YOU WITH THAT ALSO!!

Keep checking in, soon I'll be laying out a plan for you, and your body, to reverse this whole process!!

Take charge of your body...get fit!

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