Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Can making small changes REALLY make a difference?"

Gonna' make this kinda' short today...but wanted to make a point because you hear this all the time.

When I say that it's the "little changes" over time that can make the difference, consider this case in point:

Recently when consulting with a new client the question came up..."how can just ONE soft drink a day make any difference"?

I took out the calculator and showed her the following figures:

One 12 oz regular soft drink contains (only) 150 calories...I multiplied that times 365 days, which adds up to a whopping 54,750 calories a year!

It takes 3,500 calories, (above or below your daily needs), to add or deduct one pound of body weight! I divided 3,500 into 54,750 and showed her that just by dropping that one soft drink each day it was possible to generate a minus 15.64 pounds in one year!

The new client decided, with a smile, that water probably wasn't so bad after all!

It's like compound interest...except this is an investment in your health and fitness!


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