Saturday, February 27, 2010

"On days when I'm pushed to get my workout in (namely lifting days) do I get the best workout in on a tight schedule?"

Another really great question!And for those days (not for long-term) when you just feel really rushed to get through your workout, I recommend you try the following: If you normally do multiple set (two or more) strength training...bump up your weight a tiny bit (5%-10%) and do just one set using the most-perfect form you can rustle up, breath properly (exhale on exertion, and inhale as you relax), use good tempo of movement (count a full "one, two" on the lift...and a full "one, two, three, four" as you lower the weight), and focus your mind on the muscle(s) you are working. In other words REALLY BE THERE IN THAT MOMENT, WITH THAT EXERCISE, WITH YOUR BODY...then move on to the next exercise. You will be amazed at the you will finish up a GREAT WORKOUT in half the time (or less)!

Keep those questions coming! BobbyM

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