Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bobby M's Fitness Philosophy

I believe that people fail to reach their health and fitness goals because of one or more common reasons, either:

  1. They fail to be specific about their goals.
  2. They expect results too quickly, and give up way too soon.
  3. They really don't have a plan.
  4. They either exercise too little or too much, too hard or too easy.
  5. They don't do specific exercises needed to accomplish their specific goals: They are either doing exercises they don't need...or are not doing exercises they do need.
  6. They are doing the exercises they need to do, but aren't doing them properly: bad form, incorrect number of repetitions and/or sets, too much or too little weight, and/or improper cardio exercise intensity and/or duration.
  7. They are eating the wrong foods, eating too much, or...eating too little.
  8. They lack commitment.
  9. Or combinations of all of the above.

If you will come to me with the commitment...I can help you with all the rest!! Bobby M

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