Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is there anything worse than NOT exercising?

Yes, trying to do it all on your own!! Of course it's good to just get moving...but if you're desiring more than that (if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, health/structural challenges, or simply new to the world of health and fitness), getting some guidance is an absolute must! Without it you probably will spend many weeks or months working at levels you consider very hard...only to find nothing has changed, or you actually feel worse than when you started! I consider my time valuable, and you should too! Don't waste energy, weeks or even months of your time, only to find yourself right where you started (or worse... less healthy, or even injured).

Take time to do your research before you start...and best yet, if your budget allows (an investment now, will save you time and money down the road), seek out a qualified fitness professional in your area to help you get started out right!

Check back in a few days and I will give you a list of things to look for and questions to ask, when choosing a Fitness Professional to guide you on your journey to your Health and Fitness Goals.

Get some guidance...get fit!

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